Conseil Général Printemps 2024

Le 25 et 26 mai 2024

Domaine Château-Bromont
90 Rue de Stanstead,
Bromont, QC J2L 1K6
Informations : 1 800 361-1047


Why register?

You can make a difference and be a part of the major orientations that guide our Party. The General Council is a unique occasion to learn about all the bodies within the Party, as well as meet with other supporters from across Quebec, in particular Liberal MNAs.

Registration Fees

Delegate Members: $150 / person
Invited Members: $150 / person
Youth Members (25 years and under): $30 / person
Observers: $300 / person

Registration fees include dinner on Saturday.
In accordance with the electoral law, this event is a political activity and therefore the registration fees are not considered a political contribution.

Aucun remboursement ne sera émis à partir du 10 mai 2024, car nous devons confirmer les quantités au traiteur.

Who can participate?

All QLP members can participate in the General Council, even if they are not elected by their association. Guest members can take part in all debates and sessions at the General Council, but do not have the right to vote. People who are not members of the QLP may also participate as observers, but will not be entitled to the members' rate or to attend closed sessions.

How can I become a delegate?

To register as a delegate member, you must be chosen by your association. We invite you to contact by click here .

Registration Form

La période d’inscription est terminée
  • To register as a delegate member, you must be elected by your association. We invite you to contact your association’s president.
  • Font partie de cette catégorie : président(e) d’association, député(e), membres du Conseil de direction et membres du Conseil exécutif.

    Des membres délégué(e)s de droit sont également nommé(e)s par les différentes commissions permanentes du PLQ.

    Nous vous invitons à entrer en contact avec votre organisateur régional
  • QLP members can take part in the General Council even if they have not been elected by their association. Invited members can take part in all of the debates and attend all workshops, but they do not have voting rights.
  • To attend the general council as an observer, you must submit your request to Maïté Carrier at: 1 800 361-1047. or [email protected].
  • To be accredited as a member of the media for the General Council, you must submit your request to Millèna Béruber-Comtois at: [email protected].